Synthetic NK Cells(SynNK™)
Concept of Synthetic Immunology

Synthetic Immunology-Designing Immune Cells by “Logic Gates”to Expand Their Therapeutic Capabilities


Precisely recognizing and sensing tumor antigens and signals from tumor microenvironment


· Precise target & strong activation

· Persistence & amplification

· Tumor infiltrating

· Anti-exhaustion

· Remodeling local microenvironment

Synthetic NK Cells(SynNK™)
SynNK™ with OR, AND or NOT gate

Striding over the former “trial-and-error” research process and carrying out quantitative, controllable, and engineering research.

Using logic circuits, feedback switch and intelligent control technology to artificially create immune cells and molecules.

SynNK™ with OR, AND or NOT gate
Base Circuit
Harnessing NK-Tumor Environment with Multiple Gene Elements
  • OR Gate
    OR Gate

    More Than One CAR/NKR for Targeting Broad Tumor Spectrum

  • NOT Gate
    NOT Gate

    Discriminate Self Normal from Non-Self Tumor

  • AND Gate
    AND Gate

    Precisely Targeting More Than One Antigens only on Tumor

Closed Automatic Intelligent NK Cell Factory
Closed Automatic Intelligent NK Cell Factory

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